Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Why To Join A Grief Recovery Counseling Group

Consider a Grief Recovery Group for Your Loss.   Here’s Why

Most of us have had one experience or another with loss. Whether losing a relative to old age or sickness, a family pet’s death or breaking ties with a life-long friend, all of these experiences produce deep agony from within.

As human beings who are more keen to normalcy and predictability, grief is unpredictable and, for most, out of the ordinary. That’s why losing something or someone near and dear to our hearts is so devastating. We struggle to come to terms with our sadness, which often brings on even more displeasure.

The pain is sometimes too great to bear, so we struggle for a sense of regularity or order to our daily lives again. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to rush our loss, bury it or otherwise consume ourselves with it.

Our thoughts become our crutch. Feelings of worthlessness, guilt, blame or anger rise deep from within and our everyday lives become debilitating.

If you’ve recently suffered a loss or have been struggling for quite some time, know that what you’re going through is understood. There is no right or wrong way to grieve.

As a Grief Recovery Specialist, I facilitate an ongoing grief counseling group that honors your grief journey. Through group conversation and support, we explore the emotions associated with your loss and find ways to cope. The grief recovery group works together to find healing and recovery. You’ll find a sense of meaning, purpose and understanding for your grief that you’ve never had before.

I know it might sound scary to open up and experience such raw emotions and old wounds. You’re not alone. Our grief counseling group offers encouragement and non-judgment, which will get you to a better, more manageable place. Taking the first step is often the hardest part but essential for finding inner peace and acceptance.

Will you join us?

Our next Grief Recovery Group will take place June 2016 on Saturdays from 10AM-12PM at our downtown office 101 NE 3rd Ave, Suite 1500, Ft. Lauderdale Fl 33301.  Please contact Dr. Corinne for more details and to register for the group. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Grief Recovery Method Group - Week One March 2016

 We've completed Week One of Our Grief Recovery Method Group...each member of the group is compassionate, courageous, honest and committed!  What a great foundation for the work to come!

Our first week we discussed different types of grief.  Did you know that there are a few different ways grief can be thought of?  Grief can be masked as depression, anxiety, loss of appetite or increase in eating, sleeping too much or not sleeping enough, avoiding friends and family, isolation, and more.  As one group member shared, grief is debilitating.

Unresolved Grief was a new idea for some in our group.  The idea that we can mentally and emotionally stay in a place wishing that things were done or said differently, better or more.  Much of unresolved grief refers to the letting go of the hopes, wishes and dreams we had for our future before our loss, whether it be a death or divorce or relationship ending.

Over the 8 weeks of our Grief Recovery Method Group we look at how to complete the grief we carry with us.  This means to complete our attachment to the pain and isolation associated with our loss.

The Group provides structured, action-oriented steps designed to help any griever resolve and complete any loss.

Contact Us Today - This Group Is Only Open For One More Saturday Before It Closes To New Members!!!!  Two More Groups Are Scheduled To Run Later This Year - Please Send Us Your Name and Contact Info To Hold Your Spot!

Certified Grief Recovery Method Counselor

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Grief Recovery Method 8-Week Group Starting March 12th!

Our Grief Recovery Group starts March 12th from 10AM-11:30AM at our downtown Ft. Lauderdale office.  It will run for 8 weeks and becomes a closed-group after week 2, which means no one new will be joining.  You will receive your group materials at the first session and complimentary tea, coffee, and soft drinks, along with lite snacks are provided.  Each session is $60 with a savings of $40 when you pre-pay!

The Grief Recovery Method Group is an action program for moving beyond death, divorce, and other losses.   The following is written by Alison James, daughter of the Founder of the Grief Recovery Method.

"Have you been through a breakup?

Have you retired or changed jobs?

Have you moved, lost a pet, or lost your faith?

Those are a few of the 30+ losses you might experience that cause grief.

What is Grief?

Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior.

Here are some examples you might relate to:

Do you remember feeling relieved when a romantic relationship ended even though you still missed parts of the relationship?

Do you remember feeling excited to start a new job while simultaneously missing your old coworkers?

Do you remember feeling thrilled for your kids when they went away to college, but still missed them being home?

Those conflicting feelings are grief.

Fortunately The Grief Recovery Method works on all losses whether your grief was caused by death, divorce, losing a pet or something else.

If reading this triggered a thought or feeling that you might have unresolved grief, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We never compare losses. All grief is felt at 100% no matter what the cause. We have solutions that will heal your broken heart. "

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How This Group Is Different From Other Support Groups

When is it time to do my “grief work?”

The biggest single inaccurate idea that we are socialized to believe is that “time heals all wounds.” Time does not heal, but there are specific actions you can take to help you discover and complete unfinished emotional business. When can you begin to discover and complete all of the things that you wish had ended “different, better or more,” and all of the broken “hopes, dreams, and expectations” about the future? The answer is immediately.
It’s in the time immediately following a loss (divorce included) that our memories of that relationship are most vivid and accurate. Even through the perceived “numbness” that accompanies grief there is easy and instant access to both finished and unfinished business in the relationship.
Waiting to do grief work is potentially dangerous. Most likely you know that grievers tend to create larger than life memory pictures in which they either “enshrine or bedevil” the person who died. This phenomenon increases with time, making it more difficult to discover and complete the “truth” within the relationship.

It’s been years since my loss, but I still feel like I’m not fully participating in my life, is this normal?

Unresolved grief can take us “out of the moment,” sometimes causing us to
 become lost in conversations and thought about people who are no longer physic
ally with us. (This is not limited to death. We are equally likely to be lost in a conversation with a former spouse, still living, who is not physically present).
Assuming that our physical health is okay, unresolved grief also drains us
 of energy. It tends to close our hearts down. Since we’re incomplete with a prior loss we automatically protect ourselves by not loving again. We “hold back”
in order to protect our hearts, thereby dooming new relationships to fail. 
In addition, grievers tend to hide their true feelings for fear of being judged. Where isolation is the problem, participation is a major component of the solution. 

How does Grief Recovery® differ from therapy?
Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss. It is not a pathological condition, nor is it a personality disorder. Grief Recovery® is an educational experience, based on the fact that most of us were never taught effective tools for dealing with grief. Participants find that any subsequent therapy is enhanced by their experience in the workshop.
Retrieved From FAQ's on The Grief Recovery Method Website. 
To Sign Up For Our Group Simply Call 954.253.0985. Our Groups Run Every March, June, and Sept.